Benefits of outdoor game activities while in the city

Summer is coming! With the improving weather, participating in social activities while outside in urban environments may be just as healthy for us as it is in natural settings. Our physical, mental, and emotional health can benefit from playing outdoor games in the city.

Urban games like treasure hunts can be a fun way to explore London or Manchester while promoting movement and exercise. Playing the game while out and about in the city can be a wonderful workout that lowers the risk of chronic diseases and enhances general physical fitness. Also, participating in a treasure hunt style game with friends may be entertaining and interesting, developing strong relationships and a sense of camaraderie.

Playing outdoor games in the city has advantages for our mental health in addition to the physical ones. Such games provide us the chance to exercise our brains and solve problems while taking in the sunshine and fresh air. In addition to lowering stress and boosting mood, participating in social activities like treasure hunts can give us a much-needed vacation from the rush of city life.

Last but not least, playing games outdoors in the city might make us feel more a part of it. Finding new places and exploring different areas of the city may be exciting and adventurous. Urban activities like the games we offer also help us understand the distinctive qualities of our city and its history, fostering a sense of community.

To conclude, taking part in city-based outdoor games like Outscape Games’ “The Wren Code” or “Flag Masters” can have a variety of positive effects on our general wellbeing. In addition to giving physical, mental, and emotional advantages, our activities offer a fun and interesting way to discover the city, keep active, and connect with friends. Hence, the next time you’re searching for something entertaining to do in the city, think about setting up an outdoor game, playing one of our games, or taking part in a local treasure hunt! Your body and mind will appreciate it!

Outdoor mobile games study by LSE

A recent study by the London School of Economics suggests that playing location-based games may help reduce mild depression in users, due to the encouragement of physical activity, real life interactions with other people and exposure to nature, factors contributing positively to mental health, and lacking to a degree in modern life and recent lifestyle trends.

This is a main reason why at Outscape Games we believe that making high quality location based games (such as Drake’s Secret, The Wren Code and Flag Masters) more popular and mainstream is a great cause, and makes us passionate to keep improving our games and make them available to as many places as possible!

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Launch of our new website

Freshly out of the oven! Our new website, is ready to make its first steps to the world. The entire Outscape family put its soul into it and we are really excited to see this day come! We hope you enjoy browsing through its pages.

Flag Masters is here

It’s finally here! We recently launched our new, super exciting game and Mayfair will no longer be the same…

Flag Masters is specially designed as a game of intense strategy and team bonding and works even for very large team sizes. In fact, the bigger the group, the more the fun!

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Launch of Outscape Tech

At Outscape Games we use games to connect interesting ideas & messages to people. Through the Wren Code and Drake’s Secret, city landmarks and museum artefacts communicate their stories in a playful but meaningful way.

Encouraged by the huge success, we are now also turning our attention to dull institutional onboarding & corporate training, in a bold mission to transform them through games and boost employee engagement.

Even though we just launched, our clients already include top corporates and academic institutions in the UK and the continent that understand the importance of communicating effectively to their internal & external audiences.

Whether you are part of Building Services looking to construct a solid Health & Safety module, HR searching for an effective corporate learning tool, a Company Board wondering how to best communicate your company’s values, or even a municipality wishing that more people would explore your neighbourhoods & museums, we look forward to hearing from you!

Please click here for a demo video showcasing a small part of our work on this exciting new field.

Drake’s Secret Launched

Great news to share! This fall we have been thrilled to release our long awaited second game, “Drake’s Secret”, set in the V&A Museum, at South Kensington, London.

Encouraged by the feedback of thousands of players that enjoyed and still enjoy THE WREN CODE, our City of London outdoor game, we have built an entirely indoor game, a unique adventure that takes players to interact with numerous spots and artefacts in the museum.

The game is fully multiplayer (you can follow progress of other teams live), is utilising a lot of Augmented Reality & Image Recognition technologies, and will also show players a lot of cool things about the museum as part of the experience. The game lasts 2 hours, same as The Wren Code.

It is ideal for team building as well as for friends & families.

Will you and your team discover Drake’s Secret? We’re looking forward to finding out!





The 120 player showdown!

On Wednesday the 4th of March 2020 we had the pleasure of hosting one of our biggest bookings to date, 120 employees of Graysons, to our first game, The Wren Code.

The event starting and ending location were at the Graysons event room, an exception to our typical Leonardo Hotel one, however our game hosts were in their usual top form and the logistics of the event worked like clockwork.

Despite an intense rain for the first hour of the game, teams got very competitive from the get-go and brought their A Game for some very impressive scores and a very close call for the winning team!

Team “The Indescribeables” managed to top the score board, with a big round of applause in the end for all teams and loads of smiles for an overall very successful event.

A big thank you to  team Graysons and everyone who participated !

Best regards,
Team Outscape Games

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